It’s cool

Mistakes are funny things. Some can cause major problems while others create minor inconveniences. While I have made mistakes of the major variety, I make mistakes of the minor variety more often. It can be frustrating to slow down and do what may feel like hindering progress, but it is worth it. In some cases you may even get more accomplished than you realize.
It is good to acknowledge mistakes. Notice them, keep them in mind, but ultimately, move past them. This is what I tell my students. A musical instrument is a very rewarding thing to learn when you don’t want to throw it out the window. In the beginning, it was a very strong urge to do just that. You want to play like the people you enjoy listening to. You try. You fail. Wash, rinse, repeat. So many mistakes, so much frustration. What do you do? Do you give up? Nope. You keep going, slowly chugging along. It gets better and better. Those mistakes become miniscule. Tiny little things that you notice and move past. Some of them even lead you to new places. You go from learning your favorite song to writing your own. You just keep going. When you are making the effort, many if the mistakes you may make won’t even be seen or heard by anyone but you. You don’t beat yourself up about it. You strive to better the next time. Twenty years playing, and that urge to throw it out sticks around. It’s whether you decide to keep going or give up that matters.



4 thoughts on “It’s cool

  1. When I saw that picture of the guitars, I thought that you were going to say something about playing something by mistake, but it sounded really cool, BUT you don’t know what you did; then, you have to wreck your mind trying to recreate your mistake.

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