Part of the process

Classes started on Monday this week. I was very excited but quite a bit nervous. It has been awhile since I have studied a “foreign” language. It is not exactly a foreign language in these parts. Living near a military base for most of my life, I’ve been able to experience many different dialects of English and non-English. Most of which I did not understand. I decided to take Spanish last semester. I felt pretty comfortable taking it online. It was a challenge, but quite in enjoyable. This semester, I decided it would be best to attend the class in person. The first morning in class is usually pretty unnerving, but this one had me in a bit of shock. The students go in the class a few minutes before the teacher arrives. I sit down in the far side of a circle desks, minding my own business as I don’t know anyone. As the teacher walks in she shouts “Hola clase!” Of course, I know what this means, but she came in like it was party time. I was wide eyed and slack jawed by the end if class. She knew it and kept making sure I followed. It was quite humbling and something I’m glad I got to see on day one. The second day of class went much better. Who knows? Maybe I’ll be able to speak a bit more in the next 15 weeks, eh?



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