I’m so excited, my body wags

SANY0061     I gotta say that that is one big picture.I think I have used this one for a previous post, but that’s OK. It is a pretty good picture. She smiles nice and big just for you. She just doesn’t know that she is doing it. Her face just kind of looks that way. It makes me happy, and that, in turn, makes her happy. That was a lot of punctuation. I hope I did that right. Anywho… On with the post, I suppose.

I’ve mentioned my little pooch, Stinky, quite a bit throughout a number of my posts. In my last post, I mentioned how she is a horse in a dog’s body. It’s a good time. She trots and bounces just like a horse. Her nails make that clicking sound on the tile floor just like a horse’s hoof would on regular ground. I do not think that I am crazy enough to risk bringing a horse onto the tile floor. She prances around radiantly. She’s just downright entertaining. That concludes the miniature part of the post. She’s a miniature, miniature, miniature, horse….that barks. But, just look at that smile.

You’ve heard of the “crazy cat lady” thing. I’m the “crazy dog guy.” Let me tell you about my dog. No, really. I am going to tell you because that’s what is up in the top of this post. The goofiest little turd ever. She gets so excited, she has to do a wind up on the floor before she can run. I should probably give her nails a trim and that wouldn’t happen. She gets so excited that sometimes she forgets that there are things to run into. Things she’s ran into over the years include: Steps to the backdoor while being excited that she peed and she was coming back in, the front of the couch while chasing a ball, the ottoman, the cat….the list goes on and on. She’ll dive face first into the couch and put her head between the cushions. Again, it’s a good time. So good, I have to tell everyone. But just look at that smile.





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