I have no idea what to write about today’s prompt. I only know that I have to try my best to write consistently every day to form a habit. This shouldn’t be a brain dump though. I mean, it probably will be but, I’ll try not to do that. Fifty…Fifty…Fifty….hmm

I feel like I have received close to fifty text messages within the last hour. C’mon guys. Who actually has that much to say at 7:45 in the morning? It’s not like we’ve not seen each other in the last twenty four hours. “What do you wanna do?” Oh, I don’t know…something creative and productive?

I swear that this wasn’t gonna be brain vomit. I tried and failed rather quickly, eh?


Fifty random things (let’s see how far we get)

1. Have you ever looked at someone and wondered what they smell like? I bet Kathy Bates smells like homemade biscuits.

2. My dog stinky thinks she’s a horse. A tiny, tiny horse. She Frances around like it’s going out if style.

3. My meditation is really a five minute nap while someone speaks softly to me.

4. I use about four different productivity apps at any given time. I spend most of my time trying to get them to work.

5. It takes me forever to finish creative work. I sat on an interesting guitar riff for ten years until I heard the right drum beat for it.

6. This list probably won’t be completed. Stick around and find out.

7. If stinky gets up to top speed while chasing a ball, she usually misses the ball and face plants into the bottom of the couch. At this, I laugh very hard every single time. It’s good stuff.

8. My cat is almost four years old. She still looks like a kitten. She’s just that small. I gave her a blog but, as with everything, she list interest right away.

9. I didn’t make it.



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