Pushing and pulling

Conflict isn’t something that I necessarily thrive on, but I seem to be good at finding it. It isn’t life or death conflict. It’s more conflict of the mundane variety – conflict of interest, personality, schedule, etc. These little things keep me on my toes quite a bit, but might jeopardize my standing with people I care about. I have quite a few interests and I make sure schedule permits that I can engage them. At the moment, this means prioritizing my time. Classes begin tomorrow, so that is priority #1, much to the chagrin of my job and soon my band mates. If my job were fulltime, this would leave me worried as that pays for now while the school will hopefully pay for the future. It’s never a guarantee. But, neither is my line of work. I love the profession I chose. It’s wonderful to help someone enrich their lives with music. It’s only as busy as I allow it to be. So, job is priority #2. Leaving the band in third place seems odd since taking what I do and loudly doing it for people is shut loads of fun. Maybe things aren’t in jeopardy at the moment. Maybe I’ve shared too much? But I’ve taken the time to clear the brain and it had to go somewhere. So, thanks internet for being a sounding board and learning more than anyone needs to about my day to day.


<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/jeopardize/”>Jeopardize</a&gt;


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