“The eyes are the Windows of the soul.” This is a phrase I have heard often. It’s kind of funny to me. I also love that my tablet has seen fit to auto correct “windows”, perhaps implying that the eyes are the operating system of the soul. This gives Internet explorer a different meaning, eh? But I digress (and hope that I am using that phrase appropriately but, if not, who cares?). If the eyes are windows to a person’s  inner self, what does that make windows, themselves (pardon my bad use of grammar and punctuation)? You can tell a lot from a person’s eyes. They are full of emotional expression. You can tell a lot about a building by its windows as well. What it is used for, how many people are inside, that kind of thing. So, with the aforementioned  expression in mind,  would a window be the equivalent of an eye? If so, would they be an extension of our own eye in a way? Like a two way eye where you see either way and even reflections? Imagine your brain as a small structure with little people living and working inside, using your eyes as the window to the outside world. I kind of like that.

<a href=””>Eyes</a&gt;


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