You reached out to touch them, but they didn’t feel your hands. All they got out of it was a chill. “Did it just get colder in here?” You tried to make them aware that you were with them. You wonder why they don’t hear you. With every word you speak, they just seem to ignore you more. You ask yourself why they do not respond. This will soon become problematic. These people were your friends, weren’t they? Why do they keep walking away? You just want to get their attention, to go home. This little trip was not a good idea. It was only supposed to be a few minutes. Check out the building and go home. It seemed simple enough. How long had it been? It felt like eternity to you. You reach for your cell phone with the hope that you can see how long you and your friends have been there, but it is nowhere to be found. “Perfect…” The small group of friends seems to be ready to leave. You follow as they approach the door. “Guys…Guys…why aren’t you answering me?” Of course no response. You follow them to tell car and get in the backseat. As the friends drive off, they talk about the trip. They mention that they wish you could be come with them this time. You start trying to tell them that you did come with them. You are right there, until so etching in the rearview mirror catches your eye. Well, something doesn’t catch your eye. You swear that you are in the car with them, but all you see in the back seat is two friends along with the two in the front seat. You begin to panic. You try to shake one of your friends. “Can you turn off the a.c.?” “Its not even on.” Things begin to make sense as you are clearly stuck and must accept your fate. “How long has it been?”


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