To be an onion

I don’t hide as well as I would like to think I do. I know this, but I am usually in denial about it. While I do believe that being vulnerable and showing it are commendable things, it can lead to some pretty uncomfortable conversations if people don’t know you very well.
I am an easy nut to break. To me, my shell is a nice cozy protective barrier of calm, cool confidence. I know better, as does most everyone I come into contact with in my daily life. It’s easy to see when things bother me. It’s easy to see that certain things bother me to certain extremes. It happens. I can accept that. The hard part is dealing with folks that notice. That leads to awkward territory and loads of discomfort.
It seems I talk about discomfort and fear a lot. I think that these two things go hand in hand a majority of the time. It affects choices we make and how we act. Do we put on an outward display to avoid these things? How much differently do we see it than the people that actually see us? It is doubtful that they see what we hope they see. That is ok. What if we dropped the act? Let people see us? Would that make things more difficult at times? Probably, but it could also help us grow. I read a lot that fear is not something you should run from, but something that you should face head on. Why not face one today?


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