I use the word, “maybe”, quite frequently. It works best with the phrase, “We’ll see.” But will “we” really see anything? I use these phrases when I am unsure if whether I want to commit energy if time to a person or task. If I say “maybe” and don’t show up, have I seen anything? I know there are some things that are definitely not worth the time and effort. They will leave you feeling drained, underwhelming ed, maybe even resentful. What about the good experiences? Things that could mean building new skills, relationships, confidence, etc? I say maybe to these things because they will usually require a bit if discomfort. Maybe a bit of challenging personal fears, working them, and laying them to rest. Not everything is a huge personal transformation, but not everything is going to duck the life out of a person either. Maybe, in this sense, is a bit noncommittal.
At the same time, it could be used to set up a happy surprise. As a child, birthdays wee fun be cause it usually meant doing something fun. Yay know something that you get to choose. I would ask for dinner at whatever restaurant I liked as a kid…We’ll say pizza hut or something. Also a movie, cause they go well together. Nothing beats the smug look on my mom’s face when she would say, “I don’t know. Maybe. We will see.” Of course, becoming an adult means you find out that you have to make sure you actually can do those things. Perspective, right? But those words usually meant “yes.” That’s never a bad thing.
I hide from situations a lot. A lot of things instill a fear of “what could happen? What if I fail? What if I crack? Look stupid?” And the idea of those things incites a loud shout of “maybe!” Will those things happen? All of them? Maybe. What if something different and amazing comes from it? Will we see it if we don’t jump right in? Will I stop asking questions? We’ll see.


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