Laughter is the best medicine

I don’t know of many jokes. I hear them, have a hearty laugh, and forget them instantly. The laughing is the most important part. Laughing feels amazing. A well timed joke or gag can do so much.

This past week has been long. With performances, promoting, and meeting a lot of people, I was left pretty drained. I am not the most social person, and while I love meeting and spending time with people, it can be fairly overwhelming without a little time to recharge. For the most part, I was feeling great, but then I felt the last bit of juice leave me. Nothing went wrong, but I became a bit anxious and agitated. I needed to find a nice quiet spot to sit for a bit and breathe. This wasn’t really an option, so things got a bit weird with me for a bit. After this particular time, I needed calm. When I was finally free, I sat back on couch with my dog and watched Lost in Translation. It’s one of my favorite movies. I loved the atmosphere,the music, the story. Just everything. It made me laugh and helped quiet the racing mind. All in all, it was good medicine.



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