Luxury is a word that is closely associated with wealth. When we hear a phrase such as, “He/she is sitting in the lap of luxury,” we know this to mean that the person being referred to is more or less doing well financially. We see luxury cars that block out the noise of the outside world caused by the peasants in their regular motorcars. Anything can be luxurious if we phrase it right. “Just look at this luxurious turd. It would look great in my mansion.” On second thought, maybe not.

We also see it as a way to show privilege. Usually sarcastically, in my experience. “So you’ve got good hair. Good for you. I don’t have that luxury. Mine is slowly running away from my face.”

I like the second  use better than the first. I’m priveleged to know a handful of people that I can call friends. It is definitely a luxury. Not in the sense of financial wellbeing and growth, but in personal wellbeing and growth. The people one associates with shape who they are. I’m starting to find folks that are helping me to better myself. Definitely a luxury.



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