Pork chops

I’ve got a hankering. A hankering that is so strong, I may not have the willpower to deny it. Does this sound familiar? I’ve always jokingly claimed to have an addictive personality. The band of drunken musicians that I spend most of my free time with always jokes about my love of food. To quote one of the guys, “He’ll eat a flip flop if you cook it right.” I laugh with them in bursts of obnoxious noise. I then quietly place said flip flop in my gullet and chew away, figuratively speaking. I mean, really, what would that do to my body? They are correct about pork chops though. I do love me some good pork chops. But, I digress. I do have a strong craving for adventure. I like to sit and think about where I would go and what I would do there. I like to think about how it would be to just shuck the responsibilities and just go. It has been a subtle, yet constant, craving for a long time. (Please don’t sue me k.d. Lang) It sounds nice, but it is one craving that requires the willpower to other things to get there. So, for now anyway, I will get my adventures in small doses with the band traveling to distances close and narrow. It is still enjoyable, but I am always left wanting more.



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