Where do I begin? Artistic inspiration can be hard to come by. Do you find it, or does it find you? My “search” for inspiration is often pretty fruitless. It seems, more often than not, that it finds me. Could it be the emotive orchestral score booming over a climactic scene in a film or television show? Maybe a painting or other image that I randomly come across? (Please be boats) Maybe a conversation with a friend over coffee plants the seed for some creative work to be done. A walk in the outdoors? I never really know until it happens. But when it does, I have to be ready to capture it. I have to jump right in and do whatever I can do to get the idea on tape, film, whathaveyou. I don’t want to lose the idea, but I do not mind getting lost in the idea.




2 thoughts on “Immersion

  1. I understand you because as a writer, I find myself spending much more time looking at a white Word Document with nothing on it but a cursor blinking forevermore than typing in my thoughts. I guess patience is the key to creativity; you must wait a long time for that special something to hit you. And once it does, you just start.

    • I always hear and read different things about this. Some say wait for it to happen. Others say mess with stuff and you may find something to build on. Most of what I see now is about making it a habit to sit and put something down. A word, a sentence, a chord or more. My mentality is goes back and forth as of late, but has stuck on the “just do something because, if nothing else, it is good practice” idea for a bit. These prompts help out a lot.

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