Is there something wrong?

I walk. I mean… I walk a whole lot. If my area were more pedestrian-friendly, I would walk everywhere. When I was in high school,  I lived about two blocks from the school. I walked to and from every day. One day, as I was walking home with a large group of friends, I fell behind a bit. No big deal, really. Maybe I was tired from the Texas heat. I must have looked like hell was waging war inside or something. I was walking toward a man washing his car. I nodded as I got closer to him. He looked at me and motioned toward me.

“Excuse me. I don’t mean to stop you, but I wanted to ask you something.”

“Yes sir?”

“Is thesomething bugging you?”

“No, sir. Not that I know of. Why do you ask?”

“Well, you just look like something may be wrong. You were walking with your head down and your hand over your face. I guess that seems to me to usually mean something’s wrong.”

“Oh… No, sir. It’s just hot and there was Sun and sweat burning my eyes.”

“Alright. You’re sure?”

“Yes sir.”

“Ok, well do me a favor if you can. Even if there’s Sun in your eyes, or if there’s something wrong, face the world. Keep your eyes on what’s in front of you. Don’t give anyone the impression that something is wrong.”


I always thought that that was pretty good advice.




4 thoughts on “Is there something wrong?

  1. Powerful exchange of words…love those that stick! And, it was great life advice! My oldest brother said something very similar to me once and it also stuck. Funny! It is important to always look ahead…even if we don’t know where we are going.

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