There are times I find myself going and going and going without any sort of direction. I could be moving in circles but, as long as I’m moving, that’s all that matters. Most times, I don’t even notice that I haven’t actually gone anywhere. My boat’s at sea, but there’s no wind in the sails.

This is me without a lack of motivation. No will to move forward, no goal to achieve in mind. I could be in this mode for weeks, months, perhaps even longer. Occasionally noticing and thinking, “What have I been doing?” I may have been working, but what have I been working toward? Then return to the drifting. “I’ll get there someday.” But, where is it that I am trying to go?

“Where do I want to go?” That is a good question. “What is it that I can do to get there?” Another good question. Asking myself these questions, I can feel a little hint of a breeze. I can see the sails ripple a bit. “Aha…This could take awhile, but it is a start.” Now to find a way to make things happen.

I spend a lot of time asking myself these questions. I enjoy the slight breeze, the sound of the air moving against the sail just to enough to give me some sense of hope. Then I find something else to distract myself with and the circle continues.




4 thoughts on “Adrift

  1. Music is a sound, music is an expression of emotion, music is numbers, music is breath, music is colour in a garden and a mind and a soul; you have the music in you, and the journey with music is a journey with the colour of sound, with the emotion of wavelengths that reach out to all for the ‘gamma’ connection. Reach out, not in; touch other souls with the music; feel it as deeply as the breath you draw in each morning. Let the music speak to the world with your unique stroke of viridian sound.
    Oh, and live long and prosper!

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