Live Well

“It’s in the journey that we see there’s no destination” – Martin Sexton

What is more rewarding? Is it the reward? You’ve worked so hard and you got what you feel you wanted. But will you still want it by the time you get there? How about everything you go through to get to that thing or place that you desire? All the trials, the knowledge, the experience that you’ve gained through the events leading to the reward has to count for something, right? Did you learn something by receiving, or did you learn something by doing? I’ve not seen too many awards acceptance speeches without people talking about grateful they are to have had the opportunity and the hard work to get to that stage. It wasn’t about the reward (Or maybe it was, how am I to truly know?). Without experience, how do we know to keep going? To make changes? To try harder? If all one does is show up, and they receive an award, what have they learned? The “journey” does not end with the reward. It helps shape the individual, helps them to grow. I want to say the journey ends when we die, but I do not think that is the case. Maybe hearing of your journey will inspire someone else to continue theirs?



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