Welcome to My Back Yard

backyard (950x706)

Hello, and welcome to my back yard. As you can see, there is plenty of shade here. If you prefer direct sunlight over the shade, take a few steps to the left and enjoy the sun from the other part of the concrete slab. Rest if you like, but if play is your thing, there is plenty of grass to run around in. Just remember to let my trusty sidekick, Stinky, run with you. She loves a good run, especially when someone joins her.



Would you just look at that smile? She can’t help herself. She will welcome you just as well as I will, but she may be a little long-winded and loud about it. Just trust that she’s saying “Hello. I’m happy to see and meet you. Would you like to pet me? Run with me?” over and over again. Sometimes for longer than ten minutes. Do not be alarmed, she will calm down.

This concludes our welcome to our back yard. If you get thirsty, there’s a hose by the house. Enjoy the sun and shade and romp in the grass.



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