The Sum of the Parts

A great ogre once said that “Ogres are like onions. They have layers”. Just like ogres, we humans also have layers. Be they the actual physical layers of flesh and innards and bone, or emotional layers, they make us who and what we are.
Without layers, we would be fairly bland. Imagine a cake without that sheet of frosting on top. Sure its sweet and fluffy by itself, but you throw a coat of frosting on top and I don’t know many people who would deny a slice. Well, I do, but for the sake of this post, I don’t. Layers enhance our experience of everything from food to art to people. A painting seeming to be one solid color turns out to be layer upon layer of different shades to help create the “singular” color. It was the sum of all the parts involved and it made it more of an experience than taking a bucket of paint and just splashing it on something (This too can be considered art by some). A piece of music is the sum of its parts as well. Even a piece created for a singular instrument has multiple layers. Contrary motion, harmonization, and the like help to take a melody and give it a backdrop and help it to stand out. Without the extra stuff, it would still be a melody worthy of the ears, but the extra stuff brings it out and makes it sing.
Some folks don’t look for layers, will accept things at face value, and maybe aren’t that surprised with what they are missing when they don’t dig. I prefer to dig and see what else is there.



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