A person’s ability to speak and decide for themselves is important. If a person can’t decide for themselves, who will do it for them? My whole life experience has been one whole “Can’t Decide” platter after another. There is so much to do, so many decisions to make, but so many factors involved. I can only fit so many metaphorical mozzarella sticks in my stomach before I have to call it quits in terms of thinking on things. If I perform this action, how will it affect this person, place, or thing? Will it affect them at all? How will it affect me? Will it make it more difficult? Will it make things easier? If so, at what price? Is it legal? Is it actually worth the effort? Will others approve? Does their approval really matter? What if others agree? Will I have to start basing my decisions around them? What if they disagree with what I think? Will I be shunned or removed from this group? Multiply that by millions of individual brains….
The idea of self-governing is great. I think we all are able to do it to a point. I like that we have some form of voice, no matter how small or quiet it can seem sometimes. But we are part of a larger group and we have to be cautious to a point, because even some of our smaller mundane actions can have an effect on others.



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