You Can Do That?

Over the years, I (like many, many others) have been drawn to the idea of having my own private island. Nothing says “relaxation” like a nice quiet ocean view, a warm breeze, and waves washing off one’s feet. To be able to sit under the shade of a small tree and read would be enjoyable, I imagine. Perhaps even enjoying a nice cool beer like in all those commercials….Though with better beer (Sorry Corona, you just don’t cut it). Who would not want to just enjoy their day at their leisure? “I’ll work when I feel like working, I suppose.”, they would say. It sounds perfect. But how does one achieve this goal of having their own private island? As it turns out, they sell them in magazines. Who would have thought?
In my freshman year of high school, I shared Health Sciences class with a potential future island owner. This classmate would become an acquaintance to talk with during lulls in class. One day, he was talking to me about how he was staying with his grandparents and how they were fairly wealthy. Of course, everyone loves a good story about rich people, right? (Social Media…YAY) He seemed to think that I wanted proof that his grandparents were “loaded”, so he pulls out this magazine. It happened to be a catalog for mansions, with a large selection of islands. Up to that point, I had always thought it was a cool idea, but I never knew it was a real thing you could do. “You can do that? You can buy an island?”, I asked. He explained that, yes, one could definitely purchase and own their very own island, granted their funds were ample enough. He then said that he was, one day, going to own his own island. I was intrigued. So far, I have not been able to raise a couple of million dollars with which to purchase said island, but I can dream. I don’t think that classmate ever did either though.



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