Cloud Watching

I remember going on vacation with my mother and family friends a few times throughout my childhood. Canada, New York, Georgia, and various other places were made destinations on these trips. Our vehicle packed (usually overstuffed) with people, bags, and whatever other things we thought we might need, as well as things we picked up on the way, we would leave during the late hours of the night to try and beat traffic.

I had a few simple things to do on these long car rides to wherever the adults had planned to go. I could read, attempt to play a travel sized game in the moving vehicle, or I could look out at the window and watch the trees and the clouds go by. Cloud watching was one of the easiest ways for me to kill time. It did not require me to hold onto to tiny pieces (and usually play solo) and it did not require me to try and keep my place on bumpy roads. It only required me to turn my head and pay attention.

What shapes would the clouds appear to be in? My kid imagination was ripe with imagery. I would see all sorts of stuff from goofy looking smiley faces spread out for miles to gigantic rabbits, dragons, and the like. I enjoyed my crazy cloud animals and faces in the big blue backdrop of the sky. These giant cloud formations kept me occupied for hours and helped me not to get too antsy in the cramped car.

I’ve not taken a nice long road trip in a very long time. I think it may be time to do this very soon.


<a href="">Clouds</a>


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