Note to self

What’s up guys!? My 30 day challenge lasted about 6 or 7 posts and would have ended a couple of days ago, had I kept up with it. I sometimes forget that I have this little slice of space on the web. It has been close to a year since I started the blogging thing, but what do you blog about when you do not have much to say? Do you refrain? Do you do the daily writing prompts in hope that one of them will inspire you to write a little bit more on the subject? Do you just write whatever your brain decides to vomit into semi-coherent sentences?

I may have hit a wall in regards to writing in general. For the most part, if it is being done, it is being done slowly. It takes me a long time to get to a point where I think that a tune is finished. This limits my output to maybe one or two pieces of music a year for solo-esque guitar type things. With the bands, it seems co-writing speeds that process ten fold. Perhaps I should look into finding someone to at least bounce ideas off of to get some interesting writing accomplished? Maybe someone to just tell me, “Hey man… Have you written anything today?” Writing of any kind can only improve if you are actively doing it. That is what I have read in a lot of places, but it is also what I have noticed. Just do it. The quality will improve if you do it more often. Does it sound the same? Does it flow like something else that you may have written? That is totally okay. You have to start to get anywhere.

I am not writing this as a complaint on my lack of output though. I am writing this to get the thought into a different medium. I can tell myself, “You should be writing right now. Log onto your blog. Pick up your guitar,” Telling myself to do it only gets me so far. By typing this out, I am actually doing it. I am okay with that. I can even say that I will do it more, but the only way to know is by making it happen.

I guess the point that I am trying to make to myself is what I wrote a couple of paragraphs up. “Start. Take the first step. Take the next step. Wash, rinse, and repeat.” I do like that when I come onto this particular website, I see the same people posting and it seems that the majority of them do it at least once a day. Kudos to you all.


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