Balance (Day 6)

We all have things we need to do to keep an even keel — blogging, exercising, reading, cooking. What’s yours?

A good sense of mental balance is a bit hard for me to achieve sometimes. I am very particular and strive for consistency, be it in improving something or otherwise. If it is consistent, I like to think that I feel OK about it. I am a huge fan of schedules in helping me achieve a sense of “balance” throughout my day. Deviating from my “plan”, whether or not I have one, proves stressful and irritating to me. I have my things that I like to do, as well as things that I need to do, and an unexpected call/text/visit can totally derail all of my activity for the rest of the day. I know that it shouldn’t, but I get so used to following it that I feel like it is all I can do. Change has always been a bit hard for me. Implementing changes through the schedule has made them a bit easier to handle. That being said, I do not really think that what I just typed up there is about balance. That is only half of it. Things are going to go how they go, whether you planned them to or not. When they go a different way, and you find it irritating (as I do), you have to take a break. This blog is on my “schedule”, but it is only there because I need to clear the brain of the gibberish that is crammed in there. It is also practice for writing… As they say, “Practice makes perfect.” If I miss a day of practice or anything it doesn’t hurt me too much, but I will ensure that I work hard the next time. Things that help me achieve balance would have to be reading the zenhabits blog and cooking when I get the opportunity to do so. Those two things help me relax. Playing my guitar… Not learning… Not practicing… Just goofing off and finding something nice… Has been a helpful thing for me for 18 years. I practice every day, but sometimes I find some pattern, phrase, melody, what have you… That just sounds so nice to my ears and feels right in my hands… I will just play and play and play… It’s quite relaxing.


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