Privacy (Day 5)

Online privacy is a huge deal these days. Everyone has the capability to learn just about anything about anyone and anything around. Being able to manage online privacy is a very important thing. Knowing the appropriate location to post, as well as the appropriate information to post can help one to manage his or her online presence and safety. These factors change from person to person.

I like to think that I manage my online privacy fairly well. So well that I post to whatever I can without a second thought. This may or may not be a safe thing to do though. I do not always have a handle on the different privacy settings for the different websites. E-mail, Facebook, and this website all have different settings for things. Hell, even this desktop is configured with antivirus and anti-malware software. As great as it would be, there is not really a “one size fits all” setting for these things. Everyone has different needs, as well as different levels of comfort with the information they will willingly display for others.

I try to pay attention to what and where I post. I do not always do a good job. When SoulPancake was still a web community, I had no reservations about posting anything and everything about myself. The community made me feel comfortable with doing it, and others that were part of it would join in. I think that this is OK to a point, but one should always be careful. I have share pictures and address information with people online over the years. With sites like Facebook popping up all over the place, it has become the “normal” thing to do for most people. The downside is that professional colleagues and prospective employers can also see all of your information, so I try not to post anything that can be detrimental to future opportunities.

Most information about anyone can be found online if someone put it there. Everyone has gone digital for the most part, so if there are records or pictures of someone, it can be found if you know where to look and dig far enough. Maybe that’s me being a bit paranoid though. I do think that if someone wants to know something about someone else, they can find it online.


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