Happily Ever After (Day 3)

When I hear the phrase “And they lived happily ever after,” I pretty much think of all of the old Disney movies I watched when I was a kid. Many of those movies ended with that idea being shoved in our faces while the hero and the damsel in distress lock lips on the screen. It is funny how that happy ending comes about with the kind of crazy, sometimes violent events that precede it. You look at it and know that, in real life, that shit would not be a happy ending. I think Cracked.com did an article on this topic once or twice. It may been on the tragic consequences everyone would face soon after the credits finished rolling. I do not quite recall. I am not a big fan of this phrase though. It gives off the idea that once this person accomplishes this one thing (i.e. saving the girl, killing the bad guy, learning to stop resenting everything and everyone), all their problems will be over and it will just be nothing but sheer, unadulterated joy (please tell me I used that word in the right context).

Of course, as we all know, happiness is a fleeting thing. It is a good drug. The more happiness we get, the more we want. Our accomplishments may make us feel happy and joyful, but they only do so for a limited amount of time. If it worked like the movies, the first time a kid went to the bathroom by themselves with no issues would be the most joyous occasion ever. That high would never go away, right?

I cannot say that I am living happily ever after, because I am not quite ready to stop and take stock of my journey thus far. I’ve done a few things that have made me feel happy. I am proud of those things. When I need a quick pick me up on days that I am feeling a little unaccomplished, those accomplishments come to mind… They don’t come to mind to make me happy, but to remind me that I can do something to make myself feel a little more confident, positive, or maybe even happy…. Even if it is only for a moment. I do not know that anything will make me live happily ever after. I think the journey is the way to go. Keep going, savor those moments where everything is right, bear with the moments where everything is wrong.


One thought on “Happily Ever After (Day 3)

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