Day 1

Hello everyone. Starting today, I will be working on a self-imposed 30-day writing challenge for this thing. I do not know that I am doing it to improve my writing skills (I will save that for another time), but more or less to try to at least start writing again. I may just post a random observation, talk about goings on, or do one of the various daily writing prompts. It will depend on the day, really. Whether anyone else reads this or not, this will also be a good way to take stock in what I am doing.

Last night, I joined my friends in the band Calvin and the Shitpunks at the Mohawk in Austin, Tx for a half hour of loud fast music. We played with the Butts and Dropped Out, both of which are also based in the Austin area. It was good to get to meet a few of the people in the other bands as well as people who watched the show. I guess it was really just good to get out of the house for something other than grocery shopping or the occasional lesson. It definitely beats staying home playing video games. I would rather play the guitar any day.

Tomorrow, I will be playing at a local elementary school as part of a teacher’s band for a faculty talent show. I’ve been working on the three songs since Friday morning and have got them down pretty well. I found out that I was recommended by the parent of a student that I’ve been teaching. That was a pretty cool thing, and I am appreciative that they thought enough of me to recommend me to this teacher. I’m not as clean as I used to be when it comes to playing, but I’ve been forcing myself to practice as much as possible. I’ve gotten pretty stagnant in that department over the last couple of years. Tomorrow’s event should be a rewarding little nugget of experience. It will be a different experience for me.


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