Why would I want to do that?

Is there a place in the world you never want to visit? Where, and why not?

Is there a place in the world that I would never want to visit? To be honest, this is one thing that I am not completely sure of. There are plenty of places that I think that I would love to visit: Oregon, California, France (That was a huge jump, wasn’t it?), to name a few. Places that I do not want to visit have not really popped up in conversation. Why would they?

I do not know that I would like to visit the city water sanitation department. I doubt I would be able to handle the smell. I would have to ask for a special white suit made of paper-thin, paper-like material. This would inevitably tear and the stink would soak into my clothes. The fact that I used to work in a dump should prepare me for this kind of thing, but I do not think that it would.

The airport is another place that I do not want to ever visit if at all possible. Driving around in circles on a hot summer day, sun-baked asphalt projecting head upwards, does not sound like my idea of a good time. Long, slow-moving lines of people in a hurry to wait in even more lines sounds quite stressful. I would much rather just drive three hours and turn around.

I think the desert would be quite unpleasant as a place to visit for very obvious reasons.  Strolling around a dirt and dust filled landscape with the sun beating down overhead and no real chance of shade? I will definitely have to pass. I would have to be loaded down with gallons of water to make that even slightly enjoyable.

I guess there are a few places in the world I would never want to visit. I do not know specific locations, but most of these places, I would imagine, are unpleasant no matter where they are. I would much rather sit in my living room by the big window in my green chair with my dog and read a book. I think I will do that.


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