Information Overload

I am starting week 2 of my online class assignments. So far, so good. The workload is not all that bad. It is a lot more about using the brain and just getting things done. It is a lot to process, but I will make it through.

This week, I will be starting the writing portion of my composition class. I figure I should start utilizing this tool to at least get better about writing thoughts down in a comprehensible way. I also need to figure out a good way to get my word count to reasonable levels. As with all things, it will take plenty of practice. I am completely up for the task.

My new schedule is working wonderfully. I set my alarm to where I have a two and a half hour window to wake up in. I try not to tell myself that it is being lazy, but I kind of feel like it might just be that. As long as I have enough time to get things taken care of though, I will be just fine.

Going to be early has been quite nice. I do not have to worry about what I can watch on television at three o’clock in the morning. No more scrolling through the black hole that is Netflix to find something that I haven’t already seen. Pandora has been a useful tool, as long as it is not on a station that plays music I like.

All in all, this has been a good experience so far. I am dealing with a bit of a brain fry, but I know it will smooth over in no time.


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