Back to School

I’m excited.  I think that this is the first time I have EVER said that in regards to going to school.  I’ve mentioned this in a few posts in the past couple of months, I’m sure.  It’s been close to thirteen years, but I’m going back.  I’m looking forward to learning and in the not too distant future maybe doing something new with what I’ve learned.

To “prepare” for this, I’ve been trying to implement a new schedule for myself.  Time management isn’t one of my strong suits.  It’s funny that I say that because I have way too much time and don’t do hardly anything with it.  Trying to get organized in thought, in work space, in general.  The first few days were unsuccessful, but the last couple have been working pretty well.  I’ve gotta say that getting adequate sleep feels great.  I always joke….”I haven’t slept in years”  My hours have been screwy for a long time, but I like that I am adjusting to this new thing so well.

I’m rambling….and rambling.  Be well everyone!


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