Welcome to my Brain

As it’s been a while since our last free-write… set a timer for ten minutes. Write without pause (and no edits!) until you’re out of time. Then, publish what you have (it’s your call whether or not to give the post a once-over).

It’s been a little while since I’ve done one of these.  I’ve been slacking lately.  I need to get back on track of a lot of things.  Writing, even if it isn’t super serious, is one of those things.  I am trying to make a few changes, though, in between sleeping and playing games a little too much recently.  I’m working on getting back into school.  I’m not sure if I had posted about it before, and I really am not trying to use this as a journal of any sort, but it’s going to be a positive change.  I had been thinking about it for awhile.  I graduated high school, and I didn’t see going further as an option.  So, I went straight to work.  Now that I am “self-employed”, I have quite a bit of time.  I’m wanting to use it wisely.  Why not try to better myself and learn and build for a change?  I’m still having a hard time deciding exactly what I want to do.  I like cooking, music, and teaching.  I don’t know how all three could go together, but teaching and music or teaching and cooking could work just fine.  I’ve got plenty of time to sort that out, I think.

Christmas is just around the corner.  I’ve received a few christmas cards in the last couple of weeks.  I’m not the best at Christmas.  I enjoy getting cards with well wishes.  I got one in the mail yesterday and I thanked the person right away.  It made my day.  I like getting mail and I can’t wait to read it when it is from an actual person.

I’ve been tasked with making Christmas dinner this year.  Specifically, I’ve been tasked with making a whole lot of meatloaf.  Time to dig into the brain to see what kind of concoction I can come up with.  The house is going to smell great, but I’m going to be feeling a bit cranky.  Holidays aren’t my favorite time.  I love the family and food, but during the winter, I just want to sleep.  All. The. Time.

The prompt tells me not to stop or edit.  I will admit, that I’ve done both quite a few times since I started my timer.  In fact, I just did again.  I may have run out of things to write about.  I can’t dig much deeper, I don’t think.  I joined a site a few years ago called SoulPancake.  I wanted to participate in “deep” conversations.  Then I read some of the questions and conversations and was very intimidated.  It turns out that I’m not that “deep” after all.  I’m ok with that though.  Once in awhile, I’ll have a profound thought.  Most of the time, I’m fairly simple.  I feel like Pinky from that cartoon Pinky and the Brain.


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