Sitting in the mix

Our weekly free-write is back: take ten minutes — no pauses! — to write about anything, unfiltered and unedited. You can then publish the post as-is, or edit a bit first — your call.

Ah… Another one of these things.  I’m beginning to enjoy them.  One day I’ll even try my hand at writing something that’s not about me or mine.  That’ll be the day, won’t it?  I’m trying to avoid going into “Dear Diary” mode.  I’m a dude…. Dudes don’t have diaries, do they? (Yea?  No?  Who cares?)  I’ll try to make this one a bit different.

Recently, I’ve been working on a recording project with a friend of mine.  It’s been pretty simple so far.  I come over with all my extremely small amount of gear and we sit and record music while drinking beer and smoking cigarettes and watch the Food Network.  It’s been a pretty rewarding experience helping this guy create an EP that he’s happy with.  We’ve just barely begun, but I am happy with what we’ve been doing.  It’s my first “real” recording project that isn’t just a single track.  I’ve been learning a lot while doing this.  I’m feeling confident with my limited abilities and I’m feeling that they’re going to start improving soon enough.

This process of mixing and finding the spots where things sit well and play nice together has had me thinking a lot about friendships.  There’s that group of people you like.  You play nice together for the most part.  It’s harmonious.  It’s a good experience.  Occasionally a new person (see frequency) will pop up and cause a little bit of stress.  Whether or not they can be fit “into the mix” is up to folks that were already there.  Maybe adjusting is simple and they slip right on in unnoticed.  Maybe it’s a nightmare and they have to be “eliminated”.  Either way, it’s a learning experience.

Oh my God… That was pretty friggin’ cheesy, eh?  Looks like time’s up….


5 thoughts on “Sitting in the mix

  1. Naah. It wasn’t.

    It was fantastic. A deep thought, actually.

    And guess what? Today is the day. The last paragraph actually tells nothing about yourself, so don’t you consider yourself that you’re still in the ‘Dear Diary’ mode.

    And good luck with your recording. Hope you always stay successful. 🙂

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