Write About Anything? Are You Sure?

Today, write about anything — but you must write for exactly ten minutes, no more, no less.

I guess today is kind of a free writing day.  I’ve started my time, and I’ve started typing.  I have no idea what to write about, but the prompt says that I can write about anything.  I guess I can write a few sentences about a few things.  I mean I have nine minutes left, you see.

This past weekend (and Tuesday), I got together with my drummer to lay some tracks down for our “new” track, The Streets.  It’s really not that new.  In fact, it is about four years old.  We just hadn’t been playing it or recording it for some strange reason.  So it will be new to those that listen to the band.  It’s gonna be new to us because we changed the arrangement slightly, adding accents here and there to give it some oomph.  It should be a good listen.  I attempted some new stuff for guitar solo material, even though I’m a sloppy solo guy.  But, it should be a good listen.  We are our own worst critics anyway, right?

I started a Reverbnation account a couple of months ago.  I’ve been getting “Fans” from the site.  It’s been interesting.  I’m still not entirely sure how the website works.  In fact, I haven’t even completed the website.  I never know what to do with that stuff.  It’s nice to get feedback from people I don’t know on occasion, though.

I began working on a new piece of music for my “solo” acoustic project.  I have a measure of music down.  That’s not very much, but I sat down and committed to trying to put something on paper.  I listened in on a podcast from Home Studio Corner, and the guy says…”Even if you don’t get a lot done, commit some time to doing it.”  That’s a paraphrase.  He actually had about 10 minutes worth of talking time on the subject.  It comes down to “Just do it.”  Kind of like the Nike commercials.  I’ve been trying to be more productive for the sake of creating things, but it’s hard when there’s so many distractions…Like Doctor Who.

I’ve been really enjoying the new Doctor Who series.  I like Peter Capaldi a lot.  Great actor.  Great Doctor.  I’m still trying to get the connection though.  I got used to Smith like I got used to Tennant and Eccleston before him.  Not a bad thing.  It just takes awhile to sink in that someone else is playing the exact same character in a different way.  He’s a bit darker and meaner.  I like that.  Makes for more interesting stories that will center less on “Who is in love with the Doctor this year?” and more on what’s going on around them.  It’s a good change.

This has been my free writing for today.  That wasn’t so bad.  Have a good one, folks!


2 thoughts on “Write About Anything? Are You Sure?

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