What Should I Do? (And Why You Should Know Before Me)

What are some (or one) of the things about which you usually don’t trust your own judgment, and need someone’s else’s confirmation?

I’m pretty bad about asking people’s opinion about anything.  I’ll admit it.  I could just say “I’m hungry” and get the response… “So eat.”   It seems pretty reasonable and rational.  Then I will say “But what do you think that I should eat?”  At this point they usually stop talking, so…naturally I just don’t eat…because they didn’t tell me what they thought.

I’m good about the important things though.  “I’m going to study here.  Can’t nobody tell me why I should or shouldn’t.  I’m just going to do it”  I don’t need your stinkin’ opinion when I’ve set my mind to something.  Completely reasonable, right?  This might just change my life… So why should I ask someone else what they think?  So what if they have experience and I don’t?  I’ll just jump right in.

Lately… My dog’s opinions have been pretty monotonous.  “Hey Stinky.  I think you should let the cat sleep.  Any thoughts?”  *Blank Stares abound*

“Hey Stinky.  Do you like your new food”  *Blank stare….no wait…vomit*  That actually might be a sign of a difference of opinion eh?

The cat’s even worse. 

“Hey Lucy… You’re annoying”  *Death stare*

“Hey Lucy… You’re a pretty kitty aren’t you?”  *Death Stare*

I don’t know whose opinion to trust.  I guess when you need valid opinions, you should probably ask people eh?  Just my luck…


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