A Time Will Be Had

I’ve been away for a few days and have been slacking on posting something daily.  To get better you have to work on it, right?  But you also should have an idea as to what you are aiming to do.  That makes the work a bit more focused.  A few of the daily post prompts were kind of leaving me without a thing to say, so I left them be.  I guess I’ve been going for the mindless (hopefully a little amusing) type posts where I can just say something silly.  Smiles are just as good as laughs… If I can get one of those things out of anyone… I’m totally content.  So, I took a break and did other things…

I prepped for a performance that happened last night (Saturday).  Most of that was…actually just…doing…nothing…Wait… I guess I didn’t really prep.  I think I left my guitar alone for a few days actually.  I needed a break from that too?  It worked out though.  The show went off without any issues.  Loud and fast and drunk.  It was a nice change until this morning.  Probably one of the shows I’ve been most excited about in… the last couple of years.  Too much fun and a good response… Can’t beat that.

I also finished the last of the business with the project that I stopped working with.  No more obligations there… I freed up a little head space so that I can fill it with something a bit more positive… or at least (hopefully) less stress.  I don’t like being stressed out and it hits me hard when it does, so I think it’s best that I avoid it.  

Reading through that… I didn’t really do all that much in the last four days.  But… That’s ok.  Sometimes the best thing to do is to do nothing.  Now it’s time to step up a bit.


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