4 Cups of Coffee Please

Remember the seven cardinal sins? You’re given the serious task of adding a new one to the list — another trait or behavior you find particularly unacceptable, for whatever reason. What’s sin #8 for you? Why?

Lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, and pride.  I want to say a whole bunch of other things, but the more I think of them, the more I see that they all tie into each one of these others in some way.  I think they sum it up pretty nicely, really.

I’d be better off making commandments, but that would be something to do with all seven sins all at once.  What the hell… I’ll do that instead.

1. Thou shalt not speak to another person in the early morning unless both parties have had their fourth cup of coffee (or their equivalent).  This would totally spare them the WRATH of someone else.

2. Thou shalt chew with your mouth closed.  I mean c’mon…that’s just not pretty.  I can’t LUST after you if your spewing chunks of your food at me while you eat.  It’s supposed to stay in there.

I could do this for days… uh oh…confidence…that could be mistaken as PRIDE… Eeesh… This is hard.  Now SLOTH is showing… Hmm… I didn’t like this prompt that much.  Too much contemplating for just waking up.


3 thoughts on “4 Cups of Coffee Please

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