Practice, Practice, Practice (and other things too!)

I just realized that I’ve missed about two days worth of actual posting.  I’ve been trying my best to do some sort of post at least once a day to keep things going to some degree.  It’s been a nice semi-busy weekend though filled with family and food, so I guess it was an even trade off.

Saturday my aunt and uncle came into town.  They live a few hours out, so they drop by every few months.  I hadn’t seen them in a year.  It was great to see them and have a few laughs.  Another uncle was there whom I hadn’t seen in a bit longer with my little cousins in tow.  Spent yesterday spending time with all of them.  Fun stuff.

Today, was a “family” lunch.  I made a roast with a side of beans and corn.  It was good stuff.  Nice and juicy…a bit peppery though.  hehe  The dog even got a few bites.  We just recently awoke from our food comas.  She was a happy little pup.  Slept with a huge grin on her face.  

Also, I’ve been working on a new tune this past week.  I’ve been trying to challenge myself and work things out that are a little different than what I’m used to.  All in all, it’s been good to practice it.  It’s not difficult, just time time consuming.  I’m trying to get it right before I attempt to record it.  In the last week, I’ve spent 12 1/2 hours practicing nothing but that.  Almost finished with it though.  I’m just trying to get back to learning and writing how I used to.  Spending as much time as possible doing it, so that it can be at its best.

I hope everyone’s had a great weekend.  I know mine was.  I think it might time to call it a night.  Happy reading, everyone!


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