My Best Friend

Do you — or did you ever — have a Best Friend? Do you believe in the idea of one person whose friendship matters the most? Tell us a story about your BFF (or lack thereof).


     This little lady has been my best friend for the last couple of years.  Her name is Tinkerbell, but I call her Stinky.  Great friend here as she never stops smiling.  EVER.  I’ve had her since she was about four or five months old, I think.  She was the runt of her litter and getting beat up by her sisters a ton, so my cousin gave her to me.  

     One day I let her out to do her business.  A bit later when she appeared ready to come in, I opened the door.  (These step by step stories….ugh)  She got super excited about coming back inside… I like to think she thought “YAY!  Door Open!  YAY!” or something of that sort.  She comes running across the back yard and forgets that there are steps attaching the porch to the house.  She bounces face first off of the bottom step.  Doesn’t make more than an “Oooof” type sound and just shakes it off and runs inside.  Had to check her face out…just a busted lip.  No broken teeth or anything.  

     I will admit that I laughed pretty hard for a minute until I realized “Oh… She might actually be hurt!”.  But she was ok and it didn’t seem to bother her one bit.  She’s been the best friend cause she’s always right there… Right next to me (literally).  She’s there right now.  Watching me type.  Staring at my hands… Wondering “Why isn’t he petting me?”.  I guess I should get on that.


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