Where’d I put my headphones?

It turns out that your neighbor on the plane/bus/train (or the person sitting at the next table at the coffee shop) is a very, very chatty tourist. Do you try to switch seats, go for a non-committal brief small talk, or make this person your new best friend?

     I usually interact as little as possible in public places when I don’t know people.  If the person sitting next to me is a stranger and feeling chatty, I might be a little uncomfortable.  Only for a few though.  After awhile, it wouldn’t be TOO bad.  I wouldn’t try to switch seats.  That’s just mean, and I’m not that.  I don’t know that we’d become best friends, but you never know.  I usually just settle for awkward back and forths.  Little chuckles, grins.  Maybe they’ll notice my slight discomfort.  Maybe they won’t.  Either way, I can deal.  I do like to learn about people, and that is a good way to do it.


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