Is this thing on?

What do you find more unbearable: watching a video of yourself, or listening to a recording of your voice? Why?

I don’t mind either really. Both are painfully awkward for me. A friend of mine did a video “interview” with me last year. The day we scheduled..the thing fell through, but we chatted back and forth pretty well on the vid conference. The next day…we had his little tech team watching and I froze up and gave short, quiet answers. I put a few guitar videos somewhere on youtube. I can handle watching those because I’m in my comfort zone doing those.
Hearing my voice on tape is something I never get used to. All the masking we have around us, we never hear our voices the way they really are so it’s always kind of a weird thing. We hear our voice from the inside…all the resonation in our skull cavities and such. It sounds much cooler. Then we hear it on a recording and we’re like “What? Who’s that? It can’t be me. My voice is deep.” Also, I never quite know what to say when someone’s got a recording device close enough for me to talk. I got an answering machine for my new apartment when I was 19. Even a simple “away” type message was a painfully funny thing. Every other word was “Um” or “So”. My family members would call and leave me messages to make fun of the message. It was nice.
I guess that if I have to choose… I would go with the voice recording. I think that still makes me freeze when I hear it.


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