Trying new things

     I’ve probably mentioned once or twice on here about how I’ve been dabbling in music production over the last eight months or so.  I’ve not gotten too far, but have felt like I’ve improved a little bit.  I’ve been working with more loop based electronic stuff just to get used to the idea of mixing and coloring stuff that already sounds half way decent.  A friend had told me to give making a hip-hop style piece a try.  I attempted and got something I like out of it.  It doesn’t sound very much like hip-hop, but that’s ok.  I’ll share musical stuff on here from time to time, because its my main source of creative release.  Even though…I do the blog thing a little bit more often.  So, here’s my latest practice sample of something like music.  This time I didn’t use any loops and programmed everything myself.  It’s pretty basic, but I think it carries the melodies fairly well.  



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