What day is it?

If you could relive the past week, would you? Would you change anything?

     I could handle reliving past week.  Looking back, there was really nothing noteworthy going on, so I don’t believe there would be too many issues.  I may have to slow down while talking with certain people about stuff that they find important.  Try to listen a bit more.  I have a huge foot in mouth problem as of late when discussing band business.  I would put a few more hours towards practicing and bettering my skills.  I would definitely read more.  I’ve been reading The Jungle for a couple of months.  The story is great, but I keep forgetting I have the book.  I told myself…”A blog a day, a chapter a day.”  It seemed logical at the time.  It’s not like I’m a super busy person or anything.  So, I could deal with reliving the past week if I had to.  If it’s anything like Bill Murray’s Groundhog Day…I’m sure it would drive me crazy after awhile…and as there’s no groundhogs around here…there would be no wacky adventures.


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