Today’s Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year (in the Northern Hemisphere). How are you taking advantage of the extra hours of light this time of year? Do you like it, or do you already miss earlier sunsets?


     I enjoy this time of year.  I have a hard time waking up in the morning, so doing things like working in the yard..taking walks…anything to do with being outside is hard for me during the day.  I tend to not go outside during summer unless it’s nice and cool.  I guess this means that I really don’t set foot outside very much.  I’m taking advantage of the longer day light to mow the lawn in the evening instead of the morning (since I don’t wake up).  Also, taking the dog for walks happens when it gets a little later as well.

     I enjoy the longer hours, but I’m a big fan of autumn.  I like when the leaves change, and everything gets a little bit darker.  The sun’s not out SO long.  Everything starts feeling like it might just be calming down a little.


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