Is there a mistake you’ve made that turned out to be a blessing — or otherwise changed your life for the better? Tell us all about it.

     About six years ago I started giving guitar lessons on the side of my regular job as a material sorter at a recycling plant.  I was only teaching one person who was the daughter of a family friend.  The friend told me, “I take my other daughter to this music shop across town for other lessons, but the I told the owner about you and she is looking for an instructor for guitar.”  I told her that I would give her a call.  I’m not sure how big of a mistake I made by chucking a well paying job for something that didn’t amount to anything for the first year or so.  It was a rewarding job, but…I didn’t think about the risks involved financially or personally speaking.  My girlfriend and I were living together and we had just got a new car and a whole bunch of other stuff and then I just up and leave my good job on a whim to try something different.  It was hard, but I felt it was something I had to do.  I wanted out of my comfort zone.  I’m not sure it was that much of a mistake a at all really.  I’m still doing it six years later…so maybe it wasn’t.  Or maybe I’m just too stubborn to quit.  There’s no stability in what I do, especially not in my location.  You spend a lot of time essentially unemployed, but when you get clients that keep coming back and you see their progress…It’s a very good feeling.  “I helped someone.”  It’s nice.  It’s not practical, but I won’t really call myself a practical person.  So, it might seem like a mistake.  It might seem like a huge mistake.  “What do you do when you don’t do this?”  I try to get better so that I can do more.  But everything works out in time, eh?


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