Verbal ticks

Is there a word or a phrase you use (or overuse) all the time, and are seemingly unable to get rid of? If not, what’s the one that drives you crazy when others use it?

     I’m guilty of overusing a few phrases to my knowledge.  While reading another response to this daily prompt, I saw a couple of things that I was guilty of as well.  So, I’ll start with me and acknowledge this and then I will move onto others.

     I tend to use “like” quite a bit.  Then there’s “Really?”.  “You know what I mean?” (of course you do)  Also “Right on”  “I hear ya” (more on that in a moment)  and I probably use the term “mother fucker” as well as variants of the phrase a bit too much.  I’m trying to learn to be more articulate though, because it’s nice to feel like you’re able to contribute to an intelligent and thoughtful conversation…at least sometimes….”Right?”

     As far as other people…well…I spend a lot of time with one or two people so I’ll just throw some examples out there (this is gonna seem like a vent…bear with me).  “I hear ya.”  Back to that…I use it way too much, but what gets me about it…and why I should think before I use it….It’s a cop out.  I had a conversation with someone over a text message and asked a question as well as stated a reason for it.  “I hear ya”  It’s “like”….(oh man…) you’re blowing off the question…and it’s “totally” not cool…dude.  A friend of mine uses the word “unfortunately” so much that it really makes me unsure that they even know what it means.  When in conversation….if they use that word….they’re either looking for an excuse (generally what happens with this person) or….actually might have something unfortunate to talk about (even if it isn’t really THAT unfortunate).  Another thing is over complicating a phrase…it throws things off pretty terribly awfully badly….(stop me).  Instead of saying “they were talking about (insert subject here) and aren’t sure what’s going on”  you get ‘There’s some question as to whether or not.”  Then I get “really” on them….”like”  “Really?  Is there really a question?”  Maybe this turned into a rant…my apologies…hehe  

     I think it’s got to do with convenience.  Easy responses to things.  I could liken it to learning a new language or music….where you learn a few phrases and you use em and use em til you over use em.  It’s great at first…but after awhile…wouldn’t it be best to expand your vocabulary?  Turn those few words into an actual story?  Maybe….take that string of notes and tie to another string of notes til you’ve got a symphonic masterpiece? 


4 thoughts on “Verbal ticks

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  2. Now I’m wondering how people communicate with each other and which phrases are my favourite. Everyone has some patterns of behaviour and speaking.. I’m going to look for my safe answeres and change them into “masterpiece” . Thanks a lot for motivation!

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