A picture is worth 1000 words. This safe has been through a lot. Tell its story. Image credit: “safe” – © 2007 Paul Keller – made available under Attribution 2.0 Generic


     In my day, I’ve seen many things.  I’ve held many things inside of me.  I’ve been used to hold items for “safe-keeping”.  Funny how my namesake is a word for security.  I kept things “safe”, as if that weren’t obvious enough.  I’ve held plenty of documents.  Maybe even a weapon or two.  Plenty of money and gold bars.  I’m not a bank, but they felt I was more responsible than people.  I can appreciate that.  I’m just a big box of metal with a dial smack dab on my face.  I seem to have outlived my usefulness though.  I’m corroded and rusted.  My door won’t stay closed.  They’ve put me to pasture on this concrete slab.


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