I dug up my SoulPancake book and started flipping through it as I do most books these days.  I decided to tackle one of the questions at the beginning concerning what truth is.  This seems a bit incoherent to me, but it’s probably the most I’ve actually picked at my brain in a while.  Here are my thoughts (more or less) on truth.

How do you determine truth?

I look for the facts. Sometimes I even go with a gut feeling. Depending on the type of “truth” being discussed, that is. Does this mean a factual statement? Did somebody do something and when asked about it they responded in a truthful manner? Is this somebody’s ‘truth’? This concept is one that I still haven’t grasped. I haven’t wrapped my head around the fact that what may be true for one might not be true for another.

What is truth?
The real facts about something; the things that are true; the quality or state of being true; a statement or idea that is true or accepted as true

These are the definitions that I’ve found. What does it mean in a deeper sense though. If we go with the first example I can say that I am indeed male, I am 30 years old…these are things that I know to be true. The third example throws me off though. This reminds me of scientific theories that everyone accepts to be true. I won’t deny that they seem to be, or that I accept that they are, but how do we really know for sure? There’s so many things that we can’t see, but we “know” that they are there and we explain them in an informed manner. This makes them true to us.

Does truth evolve?
I think that it can. If your beliefs or values or whathave you are your truths, then I believe that they can evolve, change, etc. As you grow, so does your mind. You learn new things and are challenged. If you were challenged on your truths, would you be able to stand your ground and defend them? Even when the other party might quite possibly give you many “reasons” why you might be wrong? What if you are wrong? Could you accept that?

What is one thing that I know for sure?
I can’t say that I know anything for sure. If I go into a “spiritual” thought process here, I could say that…There is something governing nature. Is it God? Or the laws that we’ve named and theorized?


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